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Sedikit Petikan daripada The Star

An expert opinion
Mawar Shafei, Malay Short Stories and Creative Writing lecturer in the School of Malay Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, expounds on the two main types of novels currently in the market.

THERE are two types of novels that are popular. Firstly, there are those that deal with romance among youngsters or conflicts within a marriage or in a woman’s life. These are favoured by readers who like the writers’ use of simple technique, daily (common) language and familiar jargon.

“Secondly, there are the more ‘serious’ novels with themes that force the reader to think more deeply, to sift through layers of meaning. Writers of such novels are able to experiment and play with metaphors, symbols and parodies. They are more indirect in conveying their themes, ideas or thoughts.

“While romances are always popular, lately, political and Islamic themes have become the focus of attention, especially among the younger generation of writers like Faisal Tehrani, Zaid Akhtar or Aminah Mokhtar.” (This harks back to the first modern Malay novel, Hikayat Faridah Hanum by Syed Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hadi, which was published in 1925-26, and was about women’s quest for education and equal rights.)

“A comparison between the two types of novels would be unfair, as it really depends on an individual’s taste.” – By DM - 26 Feb 2006

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