Jumaat, Ogos 12, 2011


لو كان بيننا الحبيب
لدنا القاصي والقريب
من طيبة قبل المغيب
طالباً قرب الحبيب

بقربه النفس تطيب
وتدعوا الله فيجيب
أنوار طه لا تغيب
بلغنا لقاه يا مجيب

فدتك روحي يا حبيب
محمد مكرم الغريب
بقربك الروح تطيب
يا رحمة للعالمين

If the beloved were among us
Those from far & near will come to him
Hoping to see the sun of goodness before it sets
Desiring to be near to Him

In His company the soul feels great
On that moment If it prays to Allah, Allah will surely answer
The light of Taha will not cease to exist

Oh You who answers prayer please fulfill our hope to meet him
I am willing to sacrifice my life for you
Oh beloved
Muhammad honor of strangers
In your company the soul feels great
Oh mercy to all the worlds (s.a.w)


Selasa, Ogos 09, 2011


Who are the writers who inspire you most? We understand that you admire the works of Keris Mas, Shahnon Ahmad, Hemingway and Faulkner. What distinguishes them from other writers?

Generally, the four of them excel in their narrative skills; their works are wellordered and contain rich thematic and artistic elements. They know their language well and manipulate it very creatively. We are taken on a journey, observing people and their every day experiences in a way that is vivid and convincing. We are invited to experience their physical world and partake of their (the characters’) spiritual and emotional spheres. There are also philosophical and educational subtexts in their works which help to enhance the  intellectual experience. Thus, in their works, we not only get to observe characters and events, but also experience profound ideas.

You also like the works of the Indonesian writer Pramoedya Anata Toer. Is it for the same reasons?

Yes, for the reasons I mentioned above. Furthermore, if we compare him to the other four writers, Pramoedya’s life was far more difficult; he was politically oppressed and incarcerated. In spite of all that, however, he held on to his idealism and poured it all out into his writings, to the extent that we could see his life in his work. I also like Pramoedya because of the affinity of his narrative prose to Bahasa Melayu. It is not Indonesian like that of most contemporary young Indonesian writers. In some of his works, the language seems very much Malay,clear and well-ordered, like the narrative language of Keris Mas – and of course
clear writing comes from a clear mind.

Who are these young writers you have in mind? 

I am thinking of, among others, Zaid Akhtar, Faisal Tehrani, Nisah Haron, Mawar Shafie and S.M. Zakir. They write with a clear literary awareness and vision. They are different from a number of other writers who crave for popularity by writing pop fiction.

                                                                               - Sasterawan Negara Anwar Ridhwan  

Sumber : Asiatic, Vol.4, Number 1, June 2010


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